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Blind Mentors Gambia

With the dream to provide access and decentralize training opportunities for visually impaired in rural Gambia, Alieu Jaiteh founder of Start Now was awarded as a 2019 Holman Prize Winner by LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco California, to train 80 visually impaired in rural Gambia in skills to become independent.

Blind Mentors Gambia is a program aim to provide access to training and empowerment to young blind and partially sighted in rural Gambia on technology, orientation and adjustment training so that they can served as social change leaders and mentors to help fellow visually impaired in their respective communities and regions.

A one year project support, The project will target a total of eighty blind and partially sighted within the age of fourteen to thirty-five years to access rehabilitation training. This age group faces the greatest risk of becoming street beggars due to marginalization.

The training program will be implemented in 4 regions in rural Gambia. The regions to visit are Lower River Region, Central River Region, Upper River Region, and North Bank Region. Each region, 20 participants will benefit from the training who will likely be future

 mentors to help their fellow visually impaired in their respective

 regions and communities.

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Become A Volunteer

We hope you’ll consider volunteering with Start Now. Like any active, effective nonprofit Start Now depends a good deal on the generous donations of time by many volunteers, both blind and sighted.